What You Should Understand About Subscription Based Services

Providing exclusive access to a certain service or product is the primary concept of Subscription Box Society. This model was actually pioneered by newspapers and magazines but now, there are many websites and businesses are taking advantage of this.

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Rather than selling products one by one, subscription sells periodically either yearly, monthly or seasonal use or access to a product or service. As a matter of fact, subscription is widely used as membership fees by trade unions and other organizations. Industries that are using this model consist of mail order books sales clubs, music sales clubs, satellite television providers with pay TV channels, telephone companies, satellite radio, cell phone companies, software providers, websites, internet providers and the likes. In fact, there are also shave subscription services that you can get today. In case that you are having skepticism about this, then try reading some dollar shave club reviews.

When it comes to the renewal of subscription, the payment can be set by charging it to a credit card or to a preauthorized credit to checking account which automatically activates for renewal. A very popular model in today’s time is the freemium model that is growing widespread by offering one tier of totally free content. However, it has restricted access to the premium features wherein only paying subscribers can utilize. As a matter of fact, there are various categories of subscription such as paid circulation, non paid circulation and controlled circulation.

Subscription for collection of services or unlimited use of service may be non-transferable and personal, under certain circumstances, for a family or for a group using one time service.

There’s pay as you go subscription service where you’re subscribed to periodically buy products. This is known otherwise as convenience model because customers even they don’t remember what the product is will be delivered to them routinely. Well believe it or not, it was the Dollar Shave Club that has popularized this form of subscription model.

For example, subscription to the rail pass by companies might not just be individualized but might require employees of that company to make use of the service. Talking about luxury services and goods with unlimited services, you will hardly find websites that are providing this form of subscription.

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