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Some people may not have heard the term “sales funnel.” For several decades now, sales funnels which is a marketing means that has been available in the offline world. Sales funnel is a method that is commonly used online by product sellers.

Product sellers are able to make money from anybody who visits their website through a sales funnel. Affiliate marketers are able to improve on their earning through the use of sales funnels. There are two types of sales funnels.

The multi-product sales is the first out of the two types of sales funnel. In this case you purchase front-end low-priced products which are subject to different upsells or one-time-offers which make you cough more money to buy them. This type of sales funnel is to sell many products quickly before you weight in any options.

The other type of sales funnel is the single product. The single product sales funnel is one that concentrates on selling one single product. This type of a funnel focuses on repeatedly exposing clients to one product, explaining to them its importance and usefulness.

Let us look at how sales funnels work in affiliate marketing. In principle, affiliate marketers have access to affiliate resources and links such as emails and image ads which they are able to send out. The purpose of these resources and links is to obtain offers from the driven traffic.

But if a customer signs up or buys from a squeeze page, they are automatically on the email list of the seller instead of the affiliate. The affiliate market does not have access to the customer any more instead it is the seller who can from then on market their products directly to that customer. A good affiliate network will pay the marketer for products which are in the sales funnel of the seller.

So affiliate marketers make money from multiple products. However should a seller sell products not available in the public sales funnel to their resources and links, the affiliate marketer will not earn any commissions.

Normally, sales funnels being with low-priced products, then high-products in the funnel and in the end a high-ticket product towards the end of the funnel. To counter this, marketers now their sales funnels. Affiliate marketers choose products that are front-end, then upselling products and finally high-ticket products for advertising.

Affiliate marketers must avoid sending their clients to an offer directly. By so doing, the seller has direct access to the customer. Prospects should be sent to your squeeze page, and after signing up, you send them an affiliate offer. That way you have bagged their email address which makes them a part of your fully owned asset which is your email list.

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